n them together. Why not pleasure each other for onelong, On Feet Ladies Supra Skytop White Black Basketball Sneakersnight and then go their separate ways?She might have come up with at least two good reasons why not. On Feet Ladies Supra Skytop Leopard Brown Black Basketball SneakersIn factshersquo;d been thinking about them when hersquo;d suddenly appeared at On Feet Ladies Supra Skytop Black White Floral Basketball Sneakersher tablein the lounge of the hotel. But looking into his eyes had triggered thatlittle click again, and sent logic flying.That was how shersquo;d ended up against the door of his hotel room, hismouth branding hers. She had only a blurry recollection of how hersweater and slacks had hit the floor. Her focus had been on those hardhands moving up her legs and heating her blood to the bo


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